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Alvarado, Andrea

Kindergarten Teacher

Looking forward to a great school year!

Alward, Cathy

3rd Grade Teacher

I love working on projects in the classroom. I enjoy working hard and having fun too! Get ready for some great projects in third grade!

Anema, Lizzie

Art Teacher

I am at Adams Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesdays. My first Wednesday at Adams will be Sept. 8.

Baisden, Thomas

Assistant Principal

I am available at Adams on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week.

Carnell, Julia

5th Grade Teacher

I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves reading and spending time with my family. I have the awesome exciting job of working with fifth graders. We are so excited to go to Islandwood, a school in the woods.

Collins, Dwayne

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

DeFelice, Tom

1st Grade Teacher

Personal Message I have had the pleasure of working at Adams Elementary since 2002, during which time I have made the acquaintance of many wonderful students and families. I truly enjoy coming to work each day and am honored to work in such a dynamic, creative, and supportive place. In 1991 I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of California at Davis. I then earned my teaching certificate from the University of Washington in 1994. In 2014, I received my Masters in Education in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts from Lesley University. Prior to teaching full-time, I was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading, and watching films.

Eikenger, Dorothy

Resource Room Teacher

Eldridge, Calliope

2nd Grade Teacher

Fischer, Muriel

FOCUS 3-5 Teacher

Gendrich, Julia

Instrumental Music Teacher

Grue, Sarah

1st Grade Teacher

Harrop, Timmi

Kindergarten Teacher

Hawley, Alexander

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7


Resource Room Instructional Assistant

Hemmingsen, Molly

Prepack Satellite Manager Under 200

Personal Message

Howard, Patrick

2nd Grade Teacher

Kellum, Gabe

Physical Education Teacher

Kennedy, Kelly

3rd Grade Teacher

Personal Message Grade levels taught: 3rd Educational background: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Certification in Teaching, Master’s in Education- Integrating the Arts. Past careers/lives before teaching: Teenage Jobs: Pizza parlor employee, Nanny, College bookstore employee, Grown-Up jobs: Teacher- Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Classroom, Pediatric Mental Health Specialist on the unit at Children’s Hospital, Counselor for Teenage Girls Group Home, Bookstore Gift Buyer and Window Displays, Walk coordinator for American Diabetes Association and Medical Staff for kids with Diabetes at Overnight Camp, Teacher, I think I got them all… Favorite artist/musician/performer: Hmmm….I don’t really know if I really have a favorite. Favorite creative medium: The Visual arts are my favorite- I love creating with my hands and I think I am a visual learner. I really like Photography- Why? I love to travel and take pictures of all of the wonderful places I visit.  I like to capture a memory and revisit them through my pictures. I love to capture the real world with real light…I prefer to take pictures of places over people. Book that influenced you most as a child: The Giving Tree….I just thought it was so sad and beautiful at the same time. Special skills/talents: My own two kids informed me that I have a unique ability to change lyrics to a song to make them funny or entertaining. They have grown up with me singing goofy songs to them. I will not ever do it outside of my home as I do not sing in public but it is something I do. Super power you wish you had: I know this sounds cheesy but it would be the power to heal. I don’t like to see people in pain or the devastation that can result. Maybe I should have been a doctor. Favorite morning beverage: Coffee…what else is there? Oddball fact about yourself: I guess most people find it pretty weird that I was an extremely shy child. I would barely look at people and remember most of my childhood staring at my feet. In fact, I even find it weird that I was shy… now, I can be kind of loud and not shy at all really…but I still don’t like being the center of attention.

Kern, Steven

Licensed Custodial Assistant