Adams Elementary


School Policies and Procedures

Adams Policies and Procedures


If your child will be absent or late, please email attendance at or call the attendance line at 206-252-1302 and leave a message.

Early Pick-up/Late Arrival

If your child needs to be released early for an appointment or other reason, please ring the doorbell at the entrance on 62nd to gain entrance to the main office. After signing your student out they will then be released to you.

After-School Activities Program

We have a number of PTA organized after school programs offered quarterly; some are open to kindergartners. Past programs have included art, chess and math clubs, drama, Lego club, Mad Science, netball, and Spanish. Most activities meet once per week for approximately one hour. Scholarships for after-school programs may be available through the PTA. Please visit the After School Programs page on the Adams PTA website.

Arrival and Drop-off

Playground supervision begins at 8:35 a.m. each day for morning drop-off; please do not leave children unaccompanied before this time. The playground gate is located at the corner of NW 62nd St. & 26th Ave NW.

There is a morning drive-through drop-off in the driveway in front of the main entrance on 28th Ave. NW. To make room for other cars, please pull as far forward as possible. So that school traffic does not back up onto 28th, please keep goodbyes short so that traffic keeps moving.

Breakfast is available beginning at 8:35 a.m.

Classes begin at 8:55 a.m. Students are considered late if they arrive after 8:55 and must check-in at the office first to make sure they are not marked absent.

The large number of students and parents on school grounds during arrival and drop off can potentially pose a safety issue. As a part of our Covid-19 safety procedures, parents and guardians are asked to not enter the building.

Dismissal and Pick-up

Classes end each day at 3:25 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Wednesdays are an early dismissal day and school ends at 2:10 p.m. Students taking the bus or attending after-school child care programs are dismissed first.

  • Students who attend Kids Co. meet staff at their van in the main parking lot on 28th Ave NW.
  • Students who attend Ballard Boys and Girls Club ride the SPS school bus to the club with a staff member.
  • Students who attend Ballard Community Center will meet a staff member in the the school library during wintertime, and the 28th Ave NW lawn during fall, summer & spring, where they walk to the Community Center.

The driveway on 28th is closed to traffic both before and after school. Until further notice, we ask parents and students to pick a meeting place outside the building to reunite after school.

Please Note: the playground is not supervised by school staff after school.

Arts Infusion

Adams Elementary is strongly committed to ensuring that our students receive the benefits of an arts infused education which benefits many learning styles. Art is incorporated into the curriculum to teach across many subject areas. Information about our arts infused program can be accessed on the Arts Infusion section of our website.


Each kindergarten classroom contains a co-ed bathroom. Student bathrooms are located on each floor of the school and students in portable classrooms use the bathrooms nearest to the playground door.

Student bathrooms are for student use only. Adult bathrooms are located throughout the building and are clearly marked.

Biking to School

Bike racks are available near the front entrance of the school on 28th Ave NW, and near the side entrance on NW 62nd St.


Families of kindergarten students will be asked to send a change of clothing in their child’s backpack, at least for the beginning of the school year. If your child should have a bathroom accident, they will have a clean set of clothes to change into. The nurse’s office will also have changes of clothing available if needed; please wash and return these to the office.

We recommend that your student’s name is clearly written on all clothing. This helps us reunite lost articles with the owner. Our lost and found is located in the hallway inside the main entrance.


Your teacher will indicate how best to reach them (i.e. email, telephone, notes from home, scheduled meetings) regarding questions related to the classroom. The school office and/or principal can be contacted about any additional school questions 206-252-1300.

Most school communication takes place through email and via our website. Subscribe to the Adams weekly school e-newsletter. All families will receive printed copies of the newsletter for the first month of school. After that, only families who do not have email will receive printed copies. Printed notices and materials are occasionally sent home to children via “kid mail” in their homework folders. Check their backpacks and folders daily!

School messenger will be used to send email broadcasts to families about time-sensitive information that cannot wait to be published in our weekly newsletter. To receive these broadcasts, you must have a working email address in our database. Contact the school office if you are unsure if your email address is current.


With the exception of service dogs, dogs are not permitted on school grounds – even when on a leash. In an effort to minimize safety risks, please do not leave dogs unattended and tied up around the perimeter of the school grounds.

Entering the building

Our yellow-framed front entrance faces west onto 28th Ave NW. Our visitor entrance (facing north onto NW 62nd St.) takes you directly to the office, and has a ramp for accessibility. The two playground entrances (facing east) are closest to the kindergarten classrooms. All exterior doors are kept locked for safety and security. If you enter the building during school hours, you must check in with the office.

Familiar adults

In addition to their teacher, some key adults your child will get to know on a regular basis include our principal (Doug Sohn), head teacher/school support (Tom DeFelice), office secretary (Angela Wilson), office assistant (Jessica Kutilek), custodian (Steve Kern), librarian (Chris Oswald), gym teacher (Gabe Kellum), music teacher (Emory LaRose) and art teacher (Lizzie Anema).

Gym, Music and Art

Students will have a daily 30 minute physical education, music, or art class. Gym class features a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities; please make sure students have appropriate shoes. Music class is also active, and includes physical movement along with singing and music theory. Art can get messy, so please dress accordingly!

Health Information

Any child allergies or other medical concerns should be communicated to the school staff. Medical and emergency contact forms will be sent out for completion at the beginning of the school year. It is very important to keep the school informed of any changes to this information.

Washington state law requires public school families to provide proof of immunization status or to submit a form to document their exemption from State requirements.

If your child should become ill at school, they will be sent to the office and you will be contacted. Our nurse is on site two days per week. Do not send children to school who are displaying signs of illness.

Lost & Found

Please clearly label your child’s backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, and any coats or hats they may wear to school. Lost items are placed in the lost in found near the office entrance to be claimed. Periodically, unclaimed items will be donated to local non-profit organizations.


Classes are scheduled for regular visits to the library for information literacy lessons. Students have opportunities to borrow books from the library at that time. Your child’s day and time to visit the library will be communicated by his or her teacher. More information can be found on the Library page of the website.


Lunches are currently separated by grade level, as a Contact lunchroom manager Molly Hemmingsen or the PTA Volunteer Coordinator for more information if you would like to volunteer.

Multiple Households

We want to make sure each student household is kept informed of school news and events. Parents and caregivers in secondary households are responsible for providing the school with appropriate contact information, and for making arrangements for receiving school news. Printed school news and notices are sent home with students regularly. Additional newsletters and notices will be available in the office; newsletters will be also posted on the Adams website, and may be emailed. Families can also sign up for the email version of the school newsletter on  the online sign up form.


Adams has two parking lots, located at the front and rear of the school, and ample street parking along NW 62nd St. (Note: NW 62nd is one-way going east between 28th and 26th NW.) Enter the front parking lot from28th Ave. NW, and exit onto NW 62nd St. (this lot is closed before and after school). Enter the rear lot from NW 62nd St. just before 26th Ave NW.

Please note that designated handicapped parking spaces are available near the entrance to 62nd street. Please be sure to leave these spaces free for vehicles displaying designated handicapped parking passes.

Do not park in the loading zone on 62nd street – even if only momentarily.

Progress Reports

Written assessments of your child’s progress (report cards) will be distributed three times a year: December, March and on the last day of school in June. The parent teacher conferences are held during the week of Thanksgiving Break in November. NOTE: There is no school during conference week.

Reading buddies

Kindergarten classrooms partner with an upper grade class to provide each child a reading buddy. Reading buddies visit classrooms regularly. In addition to reading together, they also help with special projects and celebrations throughout the year. They are a friendly face and familiar older connection for your child at school.


All students have three recess periods each day. Recess times vary by grade level. Please contact your child’s teacher information about their recess times.

Students should dress for Seattle’s weather, and plan to be outside each day at recess. Recess is held indoors in cases of extremely rainy or cold weather.


Adams is committed to insuring the emotional and physical safety of our students. In accordance with State and School District guidelines, Adams Elementary School has a comprehensive safety plan, and we conduct regular drills to practice our response to a variety of natural or human-caused incidents. Our safety team, comprised of school staff and parents, meets monthly to review and update procedures.

Parents are encouraged to supply a “school comfort kit” for use in the event of an emergency. Information about the content of these kits, as well as additional information about safety at Adams.

School supplies

Basic classroom supplies are provided by the school, and supplemental supplies are requested by each grade level. Grade level supply lists are updated each year.


Our school thrives on the participation and energy of our many volunteers. There are ample opportunities for volunteering at Adams throughout the year, either in the classroom, from home, or at special activities and events. We encourage you to participate as you are able; it is a great way to keep in touch with the school environment and meet other members of the community.

All volunteers must complete and pass the volunteering screening requirements set up by the state and school district. Information about how to register as a volunteer, or contact the school office.