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Principal’s Corner – Vaccine Clinic

Dear Adams Elementary School Families,

We are emailing to let you know of a vaccine clinic that will be open on Sunday at Whitman Middle School. This is the first opportunity for Adams students to get the vaccine through the Seattle Public Schools clinics. Unfortunately, there appear to be only 450 spots and the spots are being offered to multiple north end schools at the same time (which is right now, if every school followed the rule to wait to send this message out at 4:00). So, if you are hoping to vaccinate your child on Sunday at Whitman, click on the link below to register, but hurry!

Whitman Middle School Regional Vaccine Clinic – Sunday, Nov 21, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Open to all SPS students, ages 5-11

Vaccine: Pfizer COVID-19 Pediatric Vaccine for ages 5-11

Medical Provider: Seattle Visiting Nurses Association

Target Schools: Adams, BF Day, Broadview Thompson, Cascadia, Daniel Bagley, Greenwood, Hamilton, John Stanford Intl, Licton Springs, Loyal Heights, McDonald, North Beach, Robert Eagle Staff, Salmon Bay, Viewlands, West Woodland, Whitman, Whittier

Number of online slots – 450

Link to Register:

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We hope you are enjoying the conferences and we are looking forward to spending time with each family this week and next. We want you to know that we will be creating progress reports soon and will be recording how students are doing right now, as measured by current benchmarks. By that we mean that we will use benchmarks and will assign scores based on how well a student is with regard to the benchmarks, versus how the student’s current knowledge compares to end-of-year benchmarks. Also, we want you to know that some areas have not been covered yet, particularly in math, so the teachers won’t be able to assign a score to every area, and you will likely see some asterisks to indicate that.

Doug and Tom