Principal’s Corner

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dear Adams Elementary School Families,

We’re writing to update you on a couple of items. The first update is on guidelines for excluding children with COVID symptoms. Please see the attached PDF (below) for that information, and another PDF that is a Return to School Flowchart. Also, the COVID-19 Dashboard, which previously posted cases by regions, now has data posted by school (updated today 9/13/21). If you want to know this information, it is now available on our district website, or you can use this link:


The second announcement is about the potential closure of the path on the south side of the building, near Ballard Community Center (BCC). The city is working on some improvements to the playfield, so some equipment could end up blocking that sidewalk through September 24th. You may have to find an alternate path to school for a bit.

Finally, a couple of requests. The first is to families that send students to the off-site after-school care providers, like BCC, Boys and Girls Club and Small Faces. We have noticed that the childcare providers often don’t know when you have arranged alternate plans with your children, such as plans to pick them up during or after school instead of attending the childcare. As a result, we are spending a lot of time trying to track down students only to discover the alternate plans, and the students and providers are having to keep the kids on the playground while we figure it out. So, please let the childcare providers know directly if you are planning to not have your student attend on a given day. If you rely on the child to say something, chances are good that it won’t get relayed to the school or the provider.

Another request is to please not bring your dogs onto the school grounds before or after school. Dogs are not allowed on SPS properties, for various reasons, including the reason that some students and staff members are allergic. If you carry your dog onto the playground and quickly collect your student and then leave the playground, that’s understandable, but we’ve noticed that people are tending to bring dogs on leashes and then sticking around for a while. Thank you for your consideration!

Doug, Tom and the Adams Staff

Symptom and exclusion update letter to families.pdf