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    Adams Library Resources: Fifth Grade

    Age of Exploration

    Please Note:  Many of the following links are from World Book Student.  If you are on a computer at home, you will need to logon to see the article.  The username is Student SPS and the password is access

    John Cabot

    Amerigo Vespucci
    Why was the New World named America and not Columbia? 

    Juan Ponce de Leon
    Did Ponce de Leon really search for the fountain of youth? 

    Vasco de Balboa

    Hernando Cortes

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Giovanni da Verranzano

    Francisco Pizarro

    Jacques Cartier

    Hernando De Soto

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

    Sir Francis Drake

    Henry Hudson

    The effects of smallpox and other diseases on Native Americans

    Colonial America

    Colonial Era Interactive Resources

    Jamestown Interactive Adventure

    Social Studies for Kids general info about Colonial America

    African Americans in Colonial America

    The Powhatan Indian World

    Explore Colonial Maryland

    General Information about Colonial America

    More info on Daily Life in Colonial Times

    Colonial Biographies

    Famous Women of Colonial America

    The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

    The Signers of the Constitution

    Life in the 13 Colonies

    Daily life in the Thirteen Colonies

    Various facts about daily life in the Colonies

    What did people wear and why?

    Life on a Colonial Farm

    Visual Dictionary of Colonial American Clothing

    How to talk like a Pilgrim!

    Colonial Toys and Games

    Colonial Trades: The Silversmith (video)

    Colonial Trades: The Farmer (video)

    Colonial Trades: The Wig Maker (video)

    Making Ice Cream in Colonial Jamestown (video)

    Colonial Oddities

    The Lost Colony of Roanoke (video)

    A Lost Colony Found? The Salem Witch Trials

    Diseases in Colonial America

    American Revolution

    The Revolutionary War

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Revolutionary War

    The Boston Tea Party

    No More Kings! A musical lesson on the causes of the Revolutionary War

    Videos about the Revolutionary War from the History Channel

    Battles of the Revolutionary War

    Weird Facts about the Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War Bios

    Test your Knowledge! The Revolutionary War Quiz

    Civics and Government




    Fiction and Nonfiction titles held by the Adams Library can be found by searching the catalog or looking at the resource list titled Civics and Government.

    Additional Resources:
    How does a bill become a law? This classic School House Rocks video will show you how!
    Official site of the House of Representatives. Tour the Capitol building, learn how the House works with the Senate and President to run the country, and see a typical day in the our Congress.
    The branches of government and all of their powers in an easy to read chart.
    Petition the government on virtually any topic, from immigration reform to building a Death Star by 2016.

    Bill of Rights Chart
    The Bill of Rights rewritten for kids.

    Civics and Government Activities for Kids