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    Reflections Art Contest

    The annual PTA Reflections contest encourages artistic expression through a school-wide, regional, state, and national art competition. This program recognizes young artists in all grades for their creativity, artistic skills, and interpretation of the contest’s theme.

    The 2017-2018 Theme is “Within Reach”.

    Students are challenged to explore what the theme means to them through an original work in dance, short film, poem or story, music, photo, or visual work of art. Each student can submit one entry per art category. There is also an optional “special artist” category for students who have a disability, qualifying under the ADA.

    Entry Form & Art Category Rules

    • 2017-2018 Entry Form
    • Visual Art 2D Rules
    • Visual Art 3D Rules
    • Dance Rules
    • Music Rules
    • Photography Rules
    • Film Rules
    • Literature Rules
    • Special Artist Division Rules

    Entry Deadline is Friday, October 27th

    Helpful Tips:

    • Students’ works will be judged by grade divisions: Primary (k-2nd) & Intermediate (3rd-5th)
    • Every entry must include an artist statement that reflects the artist’s inspiration for the work and how it relates to the theme.
    • Judging criteria:
      • Artistic merit/creativity- 25%
      • Mastery of the medium- 25%
      • Interpretation of the theme- through artwork and artist statement- 50%
    • By entering, each student can take pride in the fact that he or she has created a meaningful work of art and will be recognized at the school assembly. Those chosen to represent Adams at the regional level will be part of a gallery showing at the Seattle Center in December!
    • The student’s name shouldn’t appear on the front of the art. It won’t disqualify the entry, but we will have to cover the name.
    • DVD or USB drives are accepted for dance, film and music. We highly recommend using USB only. We’ve seen too many read errors with DVD’s and would hate for an entry to be disqualified because of it. 
    • We have added the ability to accept 3-D art! Each entry will be submitted in the form of three photographs. This is new for all of us this year — there will be questions.
    • Wrapping art is not necessarily required for submission. It’s been highly recommended (complete with horror stories of artwork getting damaged in transit), but it’s also cost prohibitive and can be a pain to do. We recommend wrapping delicate art, but will be lenient on accepting unwrapped artwork.

    Additional information is available at or contact Joanna Hedvall at