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    Before and After School Activities Program (BASAP)

    The Before and After School Activities Program (BASAP) provides enriching activities in art, music, language, theater, sports and craft to enhance our children’s educational experience, strengthen their love of learning, add to the sense of belonging across grade levels and to encourage students to succeed while having fun pursuing new interests. The program is coordinated by Adams PTA.

    Visit the BASAP page for full class descriptions, online registration and contact info.

    Safety Patrol

    The Adams Elementary safety patrol is a group of 4th and 5th graders whose job it is to ensure you safely get across busy streets before and after school. They are trained to watch for a safety gap in traffic when they can cross pedestrians, but do not direct traffic. Each squad of crossing guards reports every morning and afternoon, before and after school, rain or shine, sleet or snow, for one week at a time. There are two rotating captains on each squad who are responsible for maintaining the gear and equipment and making sure all corners are covered. Training for next year’s crossing guards begins in late May. I’m always looking for students who are able to be here before and after school (no bus riders, sorry!) and for any parents who might be willing to help monitor a busy intersection in the afternoon.

    Global Reading Challenge

    A program that was started by the Seattle Public Library. ( All of Adams 4th and 5th grade classrooms participate. We can have a total of 10 teams with seven students on each of them. Teams are determined by the classroom teachers. There are ten Global Reading Challenge books. Ours have been generously donated by the Ballard Rotary Club. They have also provided books on CD if they are available. Each team member reads as many of the ten books as they can and at the end of February, there is an in-school “quiz-bowl” type competition. The team that scores the most points advances to the next level. This level competition is held at the downtown library where the Adams team competes against nine other Seattle Public school teams. There are two more levels of competition. For more information about the challenge and the books the students are reading, please visit the Seattle Public Library site.