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    Regular, on-time attendance at school is important to student success.

    • Supervision on the playground begins, and breakfast is served every day beginning at 8:35 am.
    • Students can begin coming into their classrooms at 8:50 am when the first bell rings.
    • School starts when the second bell rings at 8:55 am.  Students are considered late if they arrive after 8:55.
    • In order to ensure the safety of students, other than students who are eating breakfast, students are not permitted in the building before 8:35 unless supervised by a parent.

    Please report absences and late arrivals to the main office by telephone or email:
    Main office telephone: 206-252-1300
    Attendance line message only number: 206-252-1302
    Attendance email:

    Absences may be communicated after hours by leaving a voice mail message or by sending an email. The office follows up on unreported absences by telephoning parents/guardians. If we are unable to reach anyone, the absence is considered unexcused till confirmed otherwise. If your child is ill for more than three days or requires a medical leave, a doctor’s note may be required to excuse the absences. District policy requires that an attendance intervention meeting with the parent is set up after three unexcused/unreported absences per month.

    After twenty consecutive unexcused absences, a student is withdrawn from the school roster.

    Late Arrivals:

    Students who come late to school should check in at the office first before going to class. Students may come directly to the attendance desk and check in. If possible, please call or email the office when your child is going to be late and bring a medical note when checking in if the late is due to a medical appointment. More than 7 unexcused late arrivals per term will result in a request for a parent/guardian conference.

    Signing Out For Early Release:
    For the security and safety of the children, please come to the office and to sign out students who need to leave early. The office will call into the classroom and make a request for the student. This is the teacher’s best assurance that the student is being picked up by an authorized person and that the office is aware that they are leaving the building. If someone other than a parent/guardian is going to be taking your child out of school early, please let the office know in advance.

    Changes in Usual Student Pick up and Requests to Get Messages to Students
    As a general rule, the office tries not interrupt teachers during instruction. If you need to get a message to your child during the school day, please contact the office directly.  Do not leave voice mail or email messages for teachers as they may not be received until after the instructional day.