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    Welcome to Physical Education at Adams Elementary!

    The philosophy of our program is to develop both the mind and body through movement. Physical Education is an important part of your child’s education that contributes to his/her growth and development. It’s my goal to give your student a positive P.E. experience as well as to help them gain an understanding and appreciation of the necessity of staying healthy not only through school but for a lifetime. This is accomplished through lifestyle of fitness and recreational activities. Your child will be able to participate in individual, team, and group activities that place an emphasis on cooperation, participation, and success through personal goals. In addition, with the new “Five for life” Health and Fitness curriculum, your student will have access to additional activities to get them active and thinking about fitness and health. A key element that contributes to a student’s success and well-being is safety. Please make sure to review the gym rules with your student and then take time to look at the rest of the newsletter.

    Helmets Required in P.E. Class

    Seattle School District requires that all students wear helmets while engaged in most wheeled activities unless waived by a parent/guardian. A few examples of activities may include roller-skating, unicycling, razor scooters, and walking globes. By requiring helmets we’re not saying that these activities shouldn’t be taught, it’s a proactive step to preventing injury.

    In order to ensure a proper fit for each child and the possibility of spreading lice, I felt it necessary to include this as something necessary for P.E.. If your child already has a helmet, then you will not need to purchase one. If you do need to purchase one, the best price I have found is at Pro Rider Website. If a scholarship is needed please contact Rob Faucette 252-1349 or send an email to

    Students won’t be required to bring their helmets on every PE day otherwise it would be a nightmare. We will inform you and your child as to when these activities will take place. In the event that your child forgets, I will have some on loan that they can wear with a hairnet. If you would not like your student sharing a helmet, it’s best to make sure they come with a helmet.

    What Shoes Can my Child Wear to Class?

    Appropriate Shoes

    • Rubber soled, athletic-type shoes
    • Gym shoes should have ties, Velcro, or at the very least fit snuggly.
    • All shoes should cover the heel of the foot.

    Inappropriate* Shoes

    • Heeleys – with the wheels
    • Crocs, sandals or flip flops
    • Clogs
    • Dress shoes with heels

    *The reasoning behind this is the desire to reduce the amount of ankle injuries especially during fitness testing and almost all units through the course of the school year.

    Excuse Notes

    If your child is sick or injured on a day they come to physical education (P.E.), please send a note explaining what the child can or cannot do. All doctor’s notes regarding physical activity need to be sent not only to the classroom teacher but also the nurse and other specialists.

    Rob Faucette in ski goggles on a snowy mountain

    Rob Faucette
    P.E. Instructor

    Please Review with Your Student

    • Be Safe
      Take care of the equipment, and make sure you’re playing
    • Be Nice
      Be respectful to others. Share your talents by helping others.
    • Listen & Learn
      Listen to your classmates and your teacher while they’re talking.
    • Try Your Best
      “I can’t” isn’t spoken here, but “I can” and “I’ll try” is.