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    Adams Library Resources: Fourth Grade

    Find resources for the following fourth grade units here:

    Western Expansion

    Wagon Trail

    The Adams Library has many fiction and nonfiction titles about the Oregon Trail, westward expansion, and pioneer life. Many books about this topic can be found in the 970’s section of the library. Specifically 973: History of the United States, and 978: History of the Western United States.

    Or you can go to the Adams Library Catalog and click on the “Westward Expansion” Resource List to see all of the books about these topics in our collection.

    Additional Resources:
    The original Oregon Trail game. Try to get your party from Missouri to the Willamette River without anyone catching cholera. Good luck!
    An interactive map that shows the growth of the United States Westward to the Pacific Ocean.
    Interactive map of the Oregon Trail. Students can see historical photos of major landmarks along the trail.
    Fun and interesting facts about life of the Trail, including $100 glasses of water and the many uses of Buffalo dung.

    Historical Fiction

    Three females

    Do you like reading books that take you back to a different period of history? Books that help you travel back to a time in history are called Historical Fiction.

    Historical Fiction…
    • Is a fictional story set during an important historical period.
    • Combines a realistic story with factual information.
    • Includes some characters who might be fictional and others who might be real people who lived during that historical period.
    • Has real and fictional events mixed into the plot.
    • Is a reading opportunity to learn more about a specific historical period or event.
    • Brings history alive through the characters and the details of everyday life, historical events, and differences in attitudes and beliefs.

    How to tell if it’s any good:
    Historical fiction allows you to experience an historical period through a fictional character. Historical fiction, like biographies, offers insight, role models, and intimate knowledge of the past. An example of an excellent work of historical fiction should include:

    • Accuracy
      Are the facts and details authentic and accurate to the historical setting? Is the language of the period reflected in the story? Does the writing reflect what people knew and thought about at that time? Does the story accurately reflect the values and spirit of that time? Is the problem in the story realistic for that period?
    • Ways to Relate
      Can you identify with the main character? Does the story show that even though times change, people are basically the same? Can we use historical fiction to learn anything about the times we live in?
    The Adams library has many Historical Fiction books from all time periods. Historical Fiction can be found using a SUBJECT search on the library catalog. Type in “Historical Fiction” in the Search Bar, and click on the SUBJECT button. Remember to narrow the results by choosing an appropriate reading level.

    The Northwest Coast Indians

    map of North America Old Native American Woman

    The Adams Elementary Library has many titles about the Northwest Coast Indians spread throughout the collection. The best way to see all of the resources in one place is to view the resource list titled “Northwest Coast Indians”. To view this list, go to the Adams Library Catalog and click on Resource List (halfway down on the left side of the screen). On Destiny Quest the resource list can be found right in the top center of the webpage.

    Don’t forget your to use the POWER option when you search the library catalog. If you include online resources and use the search term “ Northwest Indians”, WorldBook will return dozens of useful articles.

    Additional Resources:
    View Arts and Artifacts from the Northwest Collection at the National Museum of the American Indian
    Many NW Native Americans continue to create art in the traditional way. The Steinbrueck Native Gallery displays stunning examples of modern Northwest Coast native art.
    This webpage has general information about Northwest Coast Indians, including such topics as Totem Poles, Hunting and Marriage rituals.
    A website that describes in words and pictures the most exciting and dangerous Northwest Native tradition: the Makah whale hunt!
    The official site of the Duwamish people, the tribe that was led by Chief Si’ahl (Seattle) at the time when Europeans began settling the region.
    A list with links for more information on all of the Northwest Coastal Indian Tribes