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    Adams Elementary Dance Program

    We are very fortunate to offer a full time dance program at Adams Elementary. Teaching to multiple levels in each class, dance instructor Calliope Orr employs a wide array of methods to help students enjoy dance and build skills.

    What We'll Be Working on in Dance this Year

    Image of chalkboard with quote: "In the dance room I will be an artist."

    • Recognizing, understanding, and applying the elements and vocabulary of Dance. The elements are space, time, and energy/force.
    • Applying the element concepts into short choreographed numbers.
    • Exposure and application to technical Dance steps ranging through different genres of Dance.
    • Various styles of movement including but not limited to: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Step, Hip-hop, STOMP, Line, Disco, and Jitterbug.
    • Exposure and historical context of Dances throughout the world including but not limited to: Irish Step, Bollywood, Salsa, and various Folk Dances from different countries
    • Group and individual choreography skills where students will create an A, B, A sequence dance.
    • Performance skills for peer, school, and parent audiences (this is dependent on grade level). More information to come!

    Dance Shoes

    Boots and hard heeled shoes are not allowed on the dance floor. Tennis shoes or dance shoes are best.

    NOTE: Dance shoes are NOT required, if you do want to buy ballet or jazz shoes for your child, Payless shoes now carries American Ballet Theatre quality ballet and jazz shoes for kids at $20! They are true to size. If you order off of a website, be aware that dance shoes are 1½ to 2 sizes off of regular sizes and there is no formula. Remember to buy shoes fairly tight, as they expand quite a bit.

    dance space

    Calliope Orr

    Calliope Orr
    Dance Instructor