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    At Adams, we believe students learn best when:

    • Learning experiences are appropriately challenging and relevant to the learner.
    • Art is infused through the curriculum as a way to build connections, foster engagement, and promote creative and critical thought.
    • Students feel a strong sense of belonging to a learning community that is characterized by mutual respect, cooperation and responsibility.

    Common Core State Standards provide the framework for our curriculum by articulating what students should know, understand and be able to do in academic areas at specific grade levels.

    By providing high quality, standards-based, purposeful instruction, we strive to foster a love of learning while insuring that Adams students acquire the foundational skills needed for continued academic and social success.

    English Language Arts

    Language Arts instruction uses a balanced literacy approach to enable students to read, write, listen, speak and use language effectively in a variety of contexts. Instruction is based on a workshop model which supports teachers in addressing the needs of the whole group while also differentiating instruction for small groups and individuals.

    During the 2016-17 school year, Seattle Public Schools will be completing an adoption process for new instructional materials to support English Language Arts instruction in grades K-five.


    In order to develop the skills and understanding needed for success in school, college, and career, students need a strong foundation in mathematics that balances understanding of mathematical concepts, fluency in math facts, and the ability to apply mathematical understanding in solving problems.

    As a way to target instruction to the specific needs of learners, we use a “walk to math” model in grades two through five. Students in kindergarten and grade one receive math instruction through the use of a workshop model, similar to that used for English Language Arts.

    Math in Focus is the Seattle School District adopted instructional resource.

    Science and Social Studies

    Science skills and concepts are taught with the use of National Science Foundation “hands-on” inquiry-based science kits in Life Science and Earth Science and support the development of scientific thinking and reasoning.

    Social studies instruction fosters understanding of our democracy, respect for the cultural diversity of its citizens, and the relationships between and among people. In grade four, social studies instruction focuses specifically on Washington State history, and in grade five instruction focuses on early American history.

    PE and Music

    Adams is proud to offer weekly instruction for students in physical education, general music and art. Additionally, students in grades four and five have the option of participating in weekly instrumental music instruction, and students in grades three through five can participate in our choir. Please visit our PEmusic, or art pages for more information.

    Student Support Services

    There are a wide variety of programs and specialists to support a range of student needs.

    • English language instruction is available for students who are learning English as an additional language.
    • Our special education team provides specially designed instruction through our resource room and Focus service models. Specialists provide related services in speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy.
    • Our counselor is available on a part-time basis to support social skills development both within the classroom, and though small group support.
    • Our school nurse is available part-time to support the well-being and health education of our students.
    • Through LAP (Learning Assistance Program), qualifying students receive targeted instruction in literacy and/or mathematics.
    • Adams is a designated Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO) site providing an accelerated curriculum for students identified as either highly capable or advanced learning eligible.