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Superflex: A Social Thinking Curriculum

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Zoe Leverson* and Lisa MacMiller*, two amazing Adams teachers who have made it their mission to help families help kids learn to work well with others, handle upsetting situations, and improve their overall social-emotional intelligence, all of which can have a direct impact on academic success.

On December 3, Ms. Mac and Ms. Leverson hosted a talk to families interested in finding out more about the curriculum first-hand. Below isa link to the PowerPoint presentation they used at the talk.

The Superflex Curriculum Team

Zoe Leverson

Lisa MacMiller

More Information

Superflex PowerPoint Presentation - 12/3/13

Ms. Mac and Ms. Leverson have been working with a curriculum called Social Thinking from Michelle Garcia Winner to teach kids how to think of others in their lives and in their classroom. Ms. Winner’s comic book style version of her curriculum, called “Superflex,” is an easy and fun way for kids to understand the adult idea of thinking socially as kids help the “good guys” in their brains defeat the “bad guys” (The Unthinkables) that cause them to choose “unexpected” (socially inappropriate) behaviors.

Adams will be putting the Superflex curriculum to work school-wide to support students’ use of appropriate behavior starting in January 2014.We’re even adopting a new mascot, the “Super flexible Super Eagle”(pictured above!) and replacing our current “compliment card” program with a “Super Flexible card,” to acknowledge students who use their powers of flexible thinking to make good choices.

Family knowledge and support of the program is a critical part of your child’s success, and so we encourage you to come on December 3rd to find out more about how you can support your child’s emerging super social thinking powers at home. In the meantime, check out Superflex and Social Thinking at for more information about the curriculum.

*While Zoe and Lisa are special education teachers, they have been in all of Adams’ regular education classrooms supporting ALL kids socially for years.

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